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Dakota Encounters

Narrated in Dakota, French and English, the film Dakota Encounters chronicles the travels of French mapmaker Joseph Nicollet who fell in love with the prairie landscape and the Dakota people as he mapped the region in the late 1830's.

Photographed on former Sisseton-Wahpeton Indian Reservation in eastern South Dakota, the film uses Nicollet's own words taken from the journals he wrote as he traveled on the Dakota prairie. Images of the land as it was before white settlement, and authentic Dakota art work from the period create an impression of the culture as it was when Nicollet ventured into the area.

"A well-made, artfully produced introduction to a little-known historical figure."

"He was one of the last white men to see the West as the Indians saw it, and his statement that they were 'the true heroes' of the age is surprisingly modern and poignant."
                                                                     -Wilson Library Bulletin

A film by Christine Craton and Tim Schwab - First Light Films
Film available in VHS and DVD for $30.00 from the Nicollet Tower and Interpretive Center - Contact Us